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"An IT company that's human-based."

As you might be able to tell from poking around our site, we try to prove that we're humans. A lot gets lost when talking about complex technical platforms and stacks unless you remember that the technology is there for humans to use--whether you realize it or not.

You probably won't because you're busy working. That's why we offer our IT company services almost at-cost. It's a no-nonsense approach to earning you as a long term customer, and for us to invest intelligently in your business.

Enjoy cyber-security backups at $10/mo per computer or device. Includes laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, servers, other workstations, virtual machines. We use the most powerful cyber-security IT backup platform in the world--Switzerland's own, Acronis--who invite us to their international conference every year to recertify and share knowledge on the current, creeping cyber-security vulnerabilities.

Here is a picture of Martin at the conference in front of a picture of Martin at the conference on a TV at the conference at Acronis's 2019 Global Summit.

Fort Pierce IT Company Cyber-security Backup Acronis Martin

If we go any deeper into this topic it's a bit boring for a lot of people. Feel free to have a chat about cyber protection for fun any time. Just find us on Facebook or call or text or email.

But we can't leave you without one last point: Your computer/device will either break or get hacked at some point. Please do a little bit to be prepared so it doesn't interrupt your work or lose sentimental items forever.

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$0.24/GB per month
+2 Hours/mo full support
Automatic backups
100% Managed backups & restores

$0.21/GB per month
+10 Hours/mo full support
Automatic Backups
100% Managed backups & restores

$10/device per month
$0.11/GB per month
+1 Hour/mo per device support
Automatic backups
100% Managed backups & restores

To get an idea of how much storage you might need, you can take a look at the computer you're on. For a Windows computer, just go to the bottom left of your screen and search "computer" to view your drives and their space.

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