Rate Sheet

You can expect a consistent price range for our marketing and sales services. You're paying for services, and expertise.


Website Update or Overhaul

$3,000 - $10,000

Is your website stuck in 2008? What about 2018? Get a complete website with lead capturing technology implemented throughout. Want to take payments through your site? No problem. Your site will focus on converting visitors into paying customers through proper layout and branded storytelling. The cost is $3,000 for most marketing sites. Cost goes up depending on how much content from your current site will need to transfer over or be recomposed. Usually takes 2-6 weeks. Works if you want a completely new site, too.

Social Media Marketing


Regular updates, community management, and lead forwarding. The basics you need to show you're still alive and care about your current and future customers.

Marketing and Sales Funnel Construction


Almost all purchases of anything start on the internet. Customers and clients like to do some investigating with all the information accessible from their phones, tablets, and, soon, augmented reality contact lenses. Your customers are coming from many directions and we will find those directions for you and plant a flag. Then we will nurture them all along their way to point of purchase using smart, simple, and creative content that they want.

Marketing and Sales Funnel Maintenance


Keep your funnel up-to-date and inject new content regularly to keep new customers coming in. Something not working as well as it used to? We'll replace it without a huge setup fee since we'll already be keeping things trim throughout time.

Email Marketing

$500 - $1,000 setup

Social media changes. Email doesn't. Not much at least. The best, least expensive way to stay in touch with your customers won't be going out of style any time soon. The best part? Our email marketing doesn't look like email marketing, so your customers like it. So they open it. So they buy more.

Email Marketing Maintenance

$200 - $1,000/month

New campaigns, new offers, new podcasts. We'll find the right way to implement your new stuff into the current customer funnels without bombarding them. We also analyze the performance of everything and make changes to optimize regularly.

Google Ads

$500 - $1,000 setup

Google search is where there's a lot of people ready to buy. With Google Ads, you get right in front of these people at the right time. With smart marketing you will convert them into paying customers. And it also helps with SEO performance. How much will you pay for a customer?

Google Ads Remarketing

$500 - $2,000 setup

The only thing warmer than a high intent Google search lead is a Google search lead that's already investigated your website, watched one of your videos, or made a purchase from you before. We setup your remarketing and provide intelligent content to drive mroe sales with a great ROI.

Google Ads Maintenance

$200 minimum or 20% Ad Spend

We'll keep an eye on how your ads are performing, how your budget's being spent, and create new campaigns with the data we collect. Content and analytics. Saving while spending.

Facebook Ads

$500 - $3,000 setup

Facebook is a great place to build your brand. With the right marketing, you can even sell stuff. The difference between Google Ads and Facebook Ads is the intent of the consumer. Stop interrupting them with promotions and contribute to their feed with informative, entertaining content. If they love your brand they'll trust your opinion.

Facebook Ads Remarketing

$500 - $3,000 setup

Just like Google remarketing, you can use Facebook to guide your customers from curious to credit card. The bonus here is that anyone viewing your content in passing will be more aware of your brand, so pay-per-click/acquisition here gets you bonus exposure.

Facebook Sales Funnels

$500 - $2,000 each

You're already getting great content built for great branding ads. Why not convert that into an entire sales funnel. People that purchase from social media have a different journey, so you should act on that before someone else does. And while Facebook and Instagram ads are dirt cheap.

Facebook Ads & Sales Funnels Maintenance

$400 minimum or 20% Ad Spend

Keep your ads/funnels up-to-date and add more content over time as you learn how each step of the journey is performing. Keep your knife sharpened.

Content Creation


Need regularly created content? We'll post a blog and social media content to help customers on all channels know you still exist. Nothing worse than going to a company's blog, Instagram, or Youtube channel and seeing they haven't made a post since December 13, 2017. Nothing better than being the only brand that posted something relevant an hour before the cutomer got there.

Content and Brand Development

$1,200 - $4,500/month

Full on, multi-channel content development and publishing. Youtube, Facebook, Google, blog, Instagram, Pinterest, and whatever else applies. Be a leader in your industry on all the relative platforms where your customers lurk. For more competitive companies.

Influencer campaigns

$1,200 each

Local or national, we'll research the relevant influencers in your industry from 1k followers to 1 million followers and reach out to them on your behalf. The goal here is to generate partnerships that benefit both parties. One post from the right Instagram account can funnel hundreds of sales into your bank account.

Sales Services


We can directly reach out to leads via phone and email on your behalf to help close sales. Sometimes people just need to hear a voice on the other end, and sometimes they have questions. You educate us on your services and we'll talk to the people with professional sales strategy and account closing mentality.


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